About us (continued)

One of my big passions, besides Jay Ward Cartoons, is travel. I lived and studied, in Sevilla, Spain, in 1981. At the time I lived with a Spanish family. During that time I also made a side trip to Portugal.

In August/September 1998 I took a two-week vacation to France and Greece. In March 1999 I returned, for another two-week vacation, to Greece alone (including the larger island of Crete).

I have been to Mexico, but not very far into the interior..... not much more than 15-20 miles south of the border. As a child, my parents, sisters and I made several trips to Canada, including Quebec. This is pretty much the extent of my foreign travel.

I also enjoy all types of music but, living in Texas I am sometimes partial to country western music. I enjoy country western dancing as well.

I enjoy trips to the Texas Hill Country, which is much greener than one might suspect, given the stereotypes that many have of Texas. I also enjoy trips to South Central New Mexico, to the small towns of Ruidoso and Cloudcroft. Here, not only is it green, and full of foothills, but it is incredibly COOL. Cloudcroft often does not make it past the 70s, as a high, in the summer.

I also like quaint, little country gift shops (though my web partner, Greg and I, are alike in many ways, this is one way in which we "part company", so to speak).

I do have a musical bent. Greg, an accomplished guitarist, was helping me learn to play the guitar, but I have so many different hobbies, that I have been distracted and have placed that endeavor on the back burner.

In my own home, I have a Southwestern decor and I display my greatly varied "Rock Collection" on one of my coffee tables.

One of my favorite parts of Texas is the Big Bend Valley, in Far West Texas, southeast of El Paso. Since 1992 I have been there at least 25-30 times, despite the fact that it is 500 miles from my hometown of Austin.

In the Big Bend Valley, I enjoy traveling not just to the beautiful, mountainous National Park, of the same name, but I also enjoy travels west of the park, en route to Presidio, Texas (the "hot spot" of the state) and to the local ghostowns of Terlingua, Lajitas and Study Butte. The ghostowns are very colorful and full of interesting people.

Photography is also one of my big hobbies. I have hundreds of pictures from Big Bend (including the many desert blossoms that bloom, in the spring) and the same large number of pictures from my recent trips to France and Greece. Unfortunately I do not have any photos, at all, from my semester in Spain. Lamentably, I was not into photography, at all, back then. I do hope to return to Spain someday. At this point it is the 20-year anniversary of my one and only trip there............

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