In the final analysis, you could say that Bill Scott got a lot of recognition among his peers: the writers, the animators, the voice actors and the office support at his studio.........They all knew about the tremendous amount of work that he did!.........But the recognition pretty much stopped, behind those four walls.........except for die-hard fans, like me (and many of you), who persevered and wanted to learn more about Jay Ward Productions. Bill Scott was like the man or woman, who gives away beaucoup de money, drops off food or flowers, for others, or offers hours of his/her time, in volunteer endeavors..........and does all of these things anonymously.

Though he appeared to do a lot more writing, than voice work, I would have really liked to see him recognized, on their shows, for all the characters that he portrayed. My own personal opinion is that Scott should have at least taken dual credit in the studio's name (or espoused a neutral name, which included neither of their surnames), but that is what he wanted to do, so who am I to say?..........I will add, however, that he was a true GIANT, in his field. Maybe some of the biggest giants, as human beings, are those who tend to be modest about all their contributions.

With all these things, having been said, I will add, in total honesty (and this is just my opinion), that he was probably my least favorite voice-over actor on Jay Ward's cartoons. He could be good.............even great, sometimes, but Daws Butler, June Foray and Paul Frees were stellar, supreme and absolutely magnificent!!..........comparatively speaking.

Giving credit, where credit is due, however, I loved his Dudley Do-Right/Tom Slick voice, which was truly a masterpiece and very funny! I also thought that he did a delightful, and wonderfully classy job, with some of the characters that he voiced, on the Fractured Fairy Tales portion of Rocky and Bullwinkle's shows. There was one episode, in which he played Pinocchio's master, Geppeto. He provided such a beautiful, grouchy, funny Italian voice. He was a total scream, as that character. On another episode he played a talking fish, with a very smug, upper crust, British accent (in a tale about a fisherman and his wife).

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