Other than these, however, most of his voices just were not that creative, unusual or unique:

Bullwinkle: though this voice has been loved, and relished, by many of us, when you come right down to it, it's just a dopey voice, similar to others that I have heard in cartoons, for years.

Mr. Peabody: certainly better than Bullwinkle, but containing a very strong vestige of that trademark Scott voice, which can be easily heard in a lot of his other characters.

George of the Jungle: a caveman/Tarzan-like voice and that's it!...........not particularly funny or interesting to listen to.

Super Chicken: one of his better voices, among those that I do not particularly care for, but not particularly imaginative. I really laughed, quite a few times, however, at his high-pitched, triumphant battle cry, that he'd call out, whenever he flew through the sky: "Buck-a-Buck-a-Buck-a-Buck-a-Buck-a-Buck-Buck-a-Buck-a-Buck-BUCK!!!"

Fearless Leader: Actually, like Super Chicken, this voice was one of the "best of the worst" for me. Though I can hear that strong, trademark Scott voice, in this character, he had a great Russian accent!! And I just love that irritatingly-shrill voice, that he would use, to assault Boris and Natasha, whenever he was mad at them, and wanted to take them down a few notches.

At any rate, because so much of his personality was behind the work, that Jay Ward put out, and because he cared so little, about being remembered, we owe this creative genius a great deal of gratitude and praise! And even though I did not particularly care for most of his voices, it was his voices which made all those cartoons famous........So I can't help but tip my own hat to him for that..........And I know that there are many people, out there, who probably really loved his voices, and are not quite as picky as I.

Mr. Scott, you were very kind, and generous, to give of your time, twenty-seven years ago, when you wrote that long, long, informative letter to me (I remember that you joked, at the start of your letter, that you did feel a bit like the last witness, on a Perry Mason show, in responding to my many questions!). If you can see this piece, that I have written, from your "studio in the sky", I am sorry that I was perhaps a tad bit too honest, and did not leave my personal feelings out, regarding some of your voices, but I did not want to be phony, and lie, to everyone who reads this. At any rate, thanks for the memories, vis vis your voices that I really did love! Thank you, especially, for Dudley Do-Right!

I know that you left this world, fifteen to sixteen years ago............and I know that I am really quite late, in saying this to you, but:

"Good-bye, Mr. Co-Producer!............"