THAT BEWITCHING CACKLE!!.........(Continued)

June Foray

Of course the icing on the cake, of June's witch voices, has always been their laugh. June's priceless, bewitching cackle is just that!........priceless!!...........that shrill, witchy explosive laugh, has always echoed from her mouth, with so much energy, reverberation and sheer, gleeful, feminine relish!! I might add that her cackle, in my opinion, is even better than that of Margaret Hamilton's laugh, as the witch from The Wizard of Oz (and June's laugh is much more ear-piercing, and higher-pitched, than was Margaret Hamilton's).

The best way to appreciate some of June's witchy characterizations, is to look directly at some of the great scripts, that she was given, which helped to make these spellbinding women "stars" in their own right.

Consider June's Witch Hazel character, from the Warner Brothers cartoons. I am reminded of one episode with Witch Hazel and Bugs Bunny in the same script. In every scene, where Witch Hazel was gleefully fleeing the room (as she laughed and cackled).............she didn't just flee...........she ZIPPED from the room...........and when she ZIPPED, there were always a puff of smoke, with tons and tons of bobby pins, flying out of her hair (as well as the sight of her dress's petticoat, flying up in the air)!!

In this particular Bugs Bunny cartoon, Bugs throws a magic potion at her, at the end of the episode, which transforms Witch Hazel into a beautiful, sexy, girl rabbit. The scene from this is very comic:

"Hello!" says June, now in the seductive, flirtatious voice of a beautiful young she-rabbit.
"He-LLO!!", responds Bugs, "Going my way?"
"Mmm-Hmmm!", June purrs.
"EE-HEE-HEE-HEE-HEE-HEE-HEE!!!!!", laughs June; not a whole lot different from the Witch Hazel voice that we have already heard, this whole episode.
Bugs Bunny turns, and faces the audience, and says: "Aw sure.........I know!!.........But aren't they all witches inside???..........."

Or how about a few scenes from the Fractured Fairy Tale, "The Frog Prince"?:

Scene I:

Edward Everett Horton, Narrator of the tale:

"Once upon a time there was a year that was a very bad year for witches...........they were everywhere!!!........Big ones, little ones.........Fat ones, Ugly ones..........It got so bad that there just weren't enough people, to go around, for them to cast spells on!"

Witch, played by June (grabbing a hapless victim, and competing with another witch):

"Let go!!!.........I want to put him to sleep for a hundred years!!!"

Witch, played by a male actor, Bill Scott:

"YOU let go!............I'm going to turn him into a chicken!!"

June's Witch: (screaming even louder now!):

"But I saw him first!!!"

Bill Scott's Witch:

"You did not!!!"

(The poor, hapless, male victim manages to break free, and darts away, just in time, from both of them!).

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