THAT BEWITCHING CACKLE!!.........(Continued)

Around the time that The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle movie came out (in June 2000), there was an article, in the newspaper: "Meet the Woman Behind the Squirrel". June said, in this interview, that after meeting with Jay Ward, and Bill Scott, over cocktails, it was decided that the voice of Rocky would be that of a wholesome, all-American boy, out to save the world.

She mentioned in, another interview, that she did voice him with at least one fault in mind. In so many words she said that Rocky does have convey a bit of smart aleckiness, in his characterization ........a bit of an "I told you so" tone (but he pretty much has to, since he is collaborating with Bullwinkle.........not at all a smart cookie!).

As an interesting aside, Ms. Foray said, of that first meeting with Jay Ward, that she was also told not to make Natasha "too Russian-sounding" (because there was already enough trouble, between the U.S. and Russia, at that time, given the deep freeze of the Cold War).

From a Newsweek article, from the year 2000, entitled: "You've got plan, Dahling?" (the article's title, of course, is one of Natasha Fatale's famous lines, to Boris Badenov), June said that the way that she avoided mixing up, the many parts that she played, simultaneously, was to use colored pencils, to highlight each character's lines. Natasha's lines (no surprise) were highlighted with a red pencil........Rocky's lines were highlighted in blue.

When we look at Rocky and those newspaper boys, it is almost impossible to believe that this same woman is also responsible for all of those delicious and colorful witches, old ladies and fairy godmothers!!!

What an incredible ensemble!!.........What an incredible cast of thousands, June Foray has provided us with!!........ Not only could she be a one-woman show, but she actually was a one-woman show (during the many years that she worked for Jay Ward Productions)!!

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