Showcasing Daws' Talent


Daws Butler, THE Vintage Voice of the Vintage cartoons of the Golden Age of Television

May 21, 2001:

In recent months, I have had the chance to view some of the old Rocky and Bullwinkle episodes, for the very first time, in more than a decade..........perhaps even as long as more than two decades. I have found many of their shows, available, at a local video store, very nicely packaged for cozy, home entertainment. Once again, I have to credit my web page partner, Greg, for this discovery. He informed me of the fact that these videos existed, in a local store......So many contributions that Greg has made, in our undertaking of this web page.

Anyway, as always, my favorite part of these old shows, was the Fractured Fairy Tales feature. I have also developed a greater taste for the Aesop & Son feature, as well........after seeing these old shows again! I have come to like some of them, almost as much as the Fractured Fairy Tales.

It was in these particular episodes, that Daws Butler really flourished and shined. Unfortunately, viewing these stories, for the first time in years, I now see that Jay Ward Productions only showcased Daws Butler's magnificent talents, part of the time.

Though Daws was the star, of quite a few of these episodes (sometimes he and June Foray were the only two voices, in a given cartoon-----like the Fractured Fairy Tale: Sleeping Beautyland), I have been reminded that Bill Scott (the co-producer of Jay Ward Productions) often cast himself as the star, and relegated, to Daws, some less juicier and meatier supporting roles and bit parts.

If that was not enough, I saw one particular Fractured Fairy Tale, about a frog prince, in which all four of Jay's major voice artists were together!!.......a very rare occurrence.........especially since Paul Frees almost never participated in ANY of the Fractured Fairy Tales. Frees actually only took part in a handful of them (mostly filling in, for Bill Scott, when he was sick, but in this one, he and Bill acted together.......along with Daws and June).

Though it was actually neat to have ALL FOUR OF THEM TOGETHER...........this was yet another example, of how Daws got short-changed............Naturally he did not have as much of a role, since he was competing with two other MALE voice artists in the same story (Paul Frees appeared to be THE STAR, in this particular one).

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