Showcasing Daws' Talent (continued)

When Daws was given the part of the supporting character, or the bit player, often times this limited the voices that he could use. In many of these stories, the characters were pretty much just examples of an EVERYMAN............or they just were not well-rounded characters. Hence a lot of Daws' characterizations, in these tales, were really quite neutral, and not particularly special.........they were characterizations, that almost anyone could do.........or a slight variation of his own natural voice.

Through watching some of these videos, I have seen that Daws Butler probably starred in less than half of the fairy tales and fables. In some cases, he was completely excluded (with Bill Scott and June Foray as the lone voices).

Bill Scott was already the star, of just about all of the other Rocky and Bullwinkle shows. The fairy tales, and fables, were the only features that Daws took part in, on these shows. For that reason, it is a shame that he was not given even more opportunity, to shine, in these portions of the show, and entertain us with his great charm.

When Daws was the star, however, and when Daws did get some of those meatier, juicier roles!!......there was no comparison to how much better those stories were!!.......and how much they actually seemed to glow, like a beautiful, summer sunset, slowly melting into darkness.........Had the Grimm brothers lived to hear Daws speaking, for some of their very best creations, they would have surely been immensely proud!!.............

Some of my favorite roles, that Daws played:

Big Hairy Ogres:

kind of like an abominable snowman, too, who, for lack of better description, kind of talked like a very grouchy, loud, gruff Jackie Gleason (ironically Daws did use that voice, for Jackie Gleason's character, in a Warner Bros. cartoon, that he did with June Foray).

Cute little boys:

Many of these were variations of the Elroy Jetson, and Lambsy characters, that Daws played in Hanna-Barbera's cartoons. Daws had a way of making these little voices just so INCREDIBLY ADORABLE, and SWEET, despite the fact that he was a middle-aged man. It is even more impressive, when one puts these high, cute, little voices, side by side, with his angry, mean ogres and nasty, GRUFF is TOTALLY INCREDIBLE that the same man could be that versatile. Daws was truly an artist, to the utmost degree!

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