Showcasing Daws' Talent (continued)

Cats and Dullards:

A lot of Daws' feline characters, or really STUPID characters, talked like Jinx the Cat.......The Hanna- Barbera cartoon character, who chased Pixie and Dixie (the two mice----make that meese) with a broom. When Daws used this voice, to portray a really DUMB character, he would REALLY go overboard, with Mr. Jinx's voice..........he would give that characterization a kind of DROOLING, SLOBBERING, IDIOT vocie that was just so hilarious!

Owls and Kings:

His owls and kings voices were actually the precursor of what became Captain Crunch, in the mid to late 60s. Unfortunately that voice died, as a character voice for other cartoons, once he began to use it for the cereal commercials. I just that loved that voice, because it reminded me of a doddering, bumbling, old man, who was kind of absent-minded, but at the same time quite lovable, in his silliness.

The Con Man:

I don't know if I can adequately do justice, in words, to "The Con Man" or "The Slick Salesman" voice that Daws sometimes used.......It's kind of like kiwi.........So many people, whom I know, insist that you just can't describe the kiwi fruit, in mere words........

Probably the best way to describe Daws' priceless "con man"/"slick salesman", is to ask you, the reader, if you have ever heard Daws Butler do Hokey Wolf, for the Hanna- Barbera cartoons..........That is EXACTLY what Daws' "con man" voice sounds like!

Keith Scott, in his book, The Moose That Roared, described this voice, that Daws does, as a "Phil Silvers" voice. I have heard Phil Silvers, however, and do not think that it is the same thing. Daws' "con man" voice is much more of a "smiling voice"..........much more of a "wink-wink", "nudge or poke the listener in the side" kind of voice.........I would also say that his "con man" voice is slightly higher pitched, than that of Phil Silvers.

It was this voice, that Daws Butler used, in a Fractured Fairy Tale about Sleeping Beautyland. He plays a prince, who is reluctant to kiss Sleeping Beauty, and wake her up. He feels that he would have a gold mine, if he keeps her asleep and opens up a theme park, called Sleeping Beautyland.

This shady "con man" voice was perfect for this tale. Along comes a wicked fairy, in the story, who says that she was the one who put Sleeping Beauty to sleep. She threatens to wake the girl up, if the prince does not cut her in, 50-50, as a partner of the theme park.

Daws' sneaky prince, slithers, just like a snake, throughout the rest of this tale, attempting all kinds of ploys, and traps, to get rid of this wicked fairy (she naïvely never seems to suspect that he is "gunning" for her). Hilariously he never manages to permanently get rid of her AT ALL! For me, anyway, this tale is, right up there, with the frog prince tale, that I mentioned earlier, as one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE, Fractured Fairy Tales.


Daws could actually do all kinds of accents.......and not just British or Welsh accents.......He also did really GREAT French and German accents!! But I will never forget, another one of my very favorite characterizations, from the Fractured Fairy Tales............the British Prince.

Daws actually put that characterization, RIGHT NEAR THE VERY TOP, of his own favorite voices, that he, himself, did. The prince, from the Fractured Fairy Tales, was right up there, for Daws, after his two other favorites: Cap'n Crunch and Jinx the Cat.

Interestingly enough, Jay Ward and Bill Scott used to laugh, about this voice, and call it "The Fag Prince", as per Keith Scott, who wrote the history of Jay Ward cartoons, The Moose That Roared.

What a shame that Daws was not given more opportunity, in many of those stories, to showcase his marvelous, mind-boggingly, priceless talent! Say what you will, about Mel Blanc. As for me, I always wished that Daws had been right up there, on that throne, that Mel Blanc coveted for so many years. Daws with his WARMTH, that he exuded from his characterizations, and his CHARM was TRULY, THE VOICE, which should have reigned on that throne.........and been recognized, as the best in Animation History.........