ON THE DOORSTEP OF 1974..........

(Trivia on June Foray)

Just a few weeks, before 1974, according to her "holiday letter" to me, June Foray:

  • Still had the pleasure of enjoying her mother's company:

    By this time her mother was most likely about 80 years of age. June described her mother as still "very much alive"......kind of a foreshadowing, I would say, of June, herself, in the 21st Century........Very much a spunky, active, senior citizen........the perennial role model of aging gracefully........and never slowing down with achievements and living life to its fullest. Back on the doorstep of 1974 she wrote to me: "I'm always on the go!!". Perhaps that is the secret to a long, healthy, happy life........

  • Had lost her father, about fifteen years earlier:

    The timing of her father's death tragically preceded her work in Rocky and Bullwinkle, by about one year. How sad that he never got to see her accomplishments, on that series

  • Claimed to have one brother and one sister

  • Though she never had any children, she proudly claimed to be the mother of two Great Danes, whom she said that she and her husband truly adored:

    Interestingly enough there is a parallel between her life and Paul Frees' life, in this respect. Paul Frees, in his own letter, claimed to never have had any children, but he said:

    "Our child is an apricot poodle, named Boogsy!"

  • Mentioned about her husband, Hobart Donovan, the writer:

    1. He wrote originally for radio

    2. Then movies

    3. Then television

    4. Was only writing novels by that time

    5. Published a youth book, around this time, called Desert Stallion, about an Arabian boy and his horse. June said that, if I liked horses, it would be a charmer for me

    6. For the record, Hobart Donovan died in 1976

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