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June of the Jungle (continued)

George of the Jungle was a superior endeavor, in my opinion, to that of Jay Ward's middle series, Hoppity Hooper. I say this for a number of reasons. For one thing, when Hoppity Hooper came out, in the mid 60s, almost all of its "side shows" were recycled shows from Rocky and Bullwinkle (Fractured Fairytales and Bullwinkle's Corners episodes......none of which were being aired for the very first time). Hoppity Hooper even had a "side show", which was not even germane to the Jay Ward Production house: The World of Commander McBragg (From Total TV Productions----the people who brought us cartoons such as Underdog and Tennessee Tuxedo).

George of the Jungle, for its part, continued in the same vein, as its predecessors,Rocky & His Friends and The Bullwinkle Show, in that, the "side shows" were all BRAND NEW SHOWS. These "side shows" were just as good, if not better, than the title show of George of the Jungle. Tom Slick and Super Chicken (the other two shows on George of the Jungle) were very cleverly written.

But there is another reason, still, why George of the Jungle exceeded the quality of Hoppity Hooper (and approximated the awesome stature of Rocky and Bullwinkle's vintage series). Absent from the middle series was JUNE FORAY. With just a few exceptions, Jay Ward had loyally turned to Ms. Foray, for ALL of the female voice characterizations (and even some of the male ones, like Rocky, newspaper boys, etc.....). During Hoppity Hooper, Jay Ward and Bill Scott drew on the feminine wiles and vocals of Chris Allen. Ms. Allen, I acknowledge, did a good job, in the title role of Hoppity, the Frog. Nevertheless, she was always a writer, FIRST, and a voice-over artist SECOND. Voice work was always a side-line for her. With all due respect, she had nowhere near the VAST ARRAY OF CHARACTERS, under her belt, as did Ms. Foray.

June Foray at Lake Nakuru, Kenya, Africa (July, 1973)
June Foray at Lake Nakuru
Kenya, Africa
(July, 1973)
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