June of the Jungle (continued)

I can only assume that Ms. Foray was conspicuously absent, from the middle series, because she was very much in demand, and sought-after, in many other animation ventures (as well as dubbing work, commercials, etc.). She has, after all, been used by so many of the other cartoon GIANTS, such as Warner Bros. (in tons of Looney Tunes, Merrie Melodies and as Granny, in Tweety and Sylvester), Walt Disney (not only in many of this studio's legendary cartoons, but in a couple Disney on Parade shows), Hanna-Barbera, MGM, Woody Woodpecker's producer, Walter Lantz and even Rankin-Bass (they brought us many of the most famous animated holiday specials, back in the 60s and the 70s).

If no one else said so, back in 1967, when she returned for George of the Jungle, may I be the first to say that, IT WAS SO GREAT TO HAVE JUNE BACK! There was a wonderful article written, about Ms. Foray, in 1994, called The Queen of Cartoons. It was published in Animato by Michelle Klein-Häss. Ms. Klein-Häss alluded to a fact, which is so very true, in my opinion; she said that Ms. Foray's characterizations have a kind of UNIQUENESS, SPARKLE AND VERY SPECIAL STAMP, of her own personality, that none of her peers can come even close to touching (I am paraphrasing)!! She further went on to christen June Foray as the finest, living voice-over artist PERIOD (either male or female)!

So when June returned to Jay Ward's lot......whether she was doing the Russian- like (or Natasha-like) voice of an evil villainess..........whether she was doing the sweet, young voice of Tom Slick's girlfriend, Marigold (which was like a stroll down memory lane to Dudley Do-Right, as Marigold sounded just like Nell Fenwick and Tom Slick sounded just like Dudley Do-Right)........or whether she was doing the ROUGH, GRUFF voice, of an overweight, GROUCHY, fifty-ish/sixty-ish Mother-in-law (or jaded woman), June was like a "jewel" in the crown of all those many episodes, that Jay Ward and Bill Scott produced, on that very last series........a "jewel" without which that "crown" would have been left at least somewhat tarnished.........and would have lost some of its uniqueness and sparkle, of which Ms. Klein-Häss speaks so eloquently, in her own article about June.

June Foray

I am only too happy to add my voice, to all those tributes, which have already been written about Ms. Foray.........May you have many, many more years to come, June, of entertaining us with your craft.

Your eternal fan------Brian

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