June and the Dazzling Night Sky.....

May 25, 2001

I am reminded of a few cartoons, that June Foray has voiced, over the years, which have injected some beautiful scenes from nature, and the great outdoors. Though I, personally, like just about ALL of her work, I think the animation which combines her voice, and the beauty of Mother Nature, is some of the most charming work that she has done. June Foray, herself, is such an artist, that it seems appropos, that her voice would compliment, so well, the artistry of nature and the wilderness.

I have seen quite a few of the Fractured Fairy Tales, from her Rocky and Bullwinkle days, which took place in a thickly wooded forest (or even in an enchanted, magical forest). Such a nice background for Ms. Foray's superb characterizations. I also remember a nature scene, in France, in which I have seen and heard June's voice used. It was in a Warner Bros. cartoon, in which she was the Narrator, of a story that took place in the beautiful French countryside (and the French Wine Country). She, of course, spoke in a French accent. She used a soft, charming, feminine voice, to go with this accent.

I think that one of my very favorite nature scenes, that she has done, was at the very end of a Tom Slick episode, from the old George of the Jungle series of the late 60s. Tom Slick was an auto racer, who talked exactly like Dudley Do-Right. June played his girlfriend, Marigold who, ironically spoke exactly like Dudley Do-Right's girlfriend, Nell Fenwick. At the tail end of this episode, we saw a bit of a departure, from the normal fast-paced, fast action tempo of Tom Slick. Being a cartoon about drag racing, it is quite rare, that this cartoon had a more peaceful, slow pace. At any rate, Tom and Marigold (June) were closing out the episode, delivering their last lines in front of a beautiful, deep sunset.

It is true that June's Marigold/Nell Fenwick voice has never been my very favorite voice, among her vast collection of characterizations. However, when paired with beautiful scenes from nature, I do think that, in that sense, that is one of my very favorites. This sweet, dainty, gentile, feminine voice (with a kind of soprano pitch) compliments, so well: a deep, brilliant, toasted sunset........the beauty of a forest, filled with endless tall green trees.........or a deep, green, rolling meadow, sprinkled with magnificent, colorful wildflowers.

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