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June and the Dazzling Night Sky (continued)

In the last year or two, there have been a number of nights (especially summer nights) when I have sat out on my porch, and enjoyed the moon (especially the full moon or the kind of "finger nail"/paper moon), the beautiful seranading of the crickets and the frogs, the stars and the heavenly breeze. Of course, I found the overall darkness very soothing too.

On some of these occasions, these smooth, starry nights would jog my memory to some of the nature scenes, that June had done (especially those accompanied by her charming, feminine, soprano voice). I realized that I could not recall any cartoons, that she had ever voiced, which included a beautiful evening scene, like the one that I was gazing out on, from my porch. I also thought, to myself, that some of the most beautiful scenes, of nature, period, are those which one can behold at night. I told myself how charming, it would be, to see and hear June do her Marigold/Nell voice, for an animated version of what I was looking at, from my porch.

Later on, when my sister got married, in the Las Vegas area, and we had the reception at a picnic area of the nearby Red Rock Canyon park, I pictured this same area at night (we were there in the afternoon).......and I was reminded of how much more beautiful a scene, this Red Rock Canyon area was, than my front porch.

There were cottonwood trees, here, which made the most beautiful sound, when the wind blew through their round, dried, leaves (they were green, despite the fact that they were dry). How wonderful this rustling sound was, coupled with the cool of the day (Red Rock Canyon was probably about 20 degrees cooler than downtown Las Vegas)!

There was also an entire assortment of canyons, and rocks, in front of us.........Many of the rocky configurations looked like they were falling all over the place (which seemed to suggest that there had been a lot of earthquakes, here, years and years ago). We were all there, long enough, to see the sunset, and hear Southern Nevada's own chorus of crickets............

As I began to picture this scene, at night, I realized that the only things that we would miss, in the darkness, would be the piercing, blue, Nevada sky and the vast array of God's brilliant colors, naturally painted on the various rocks ("a banquet for the eyes!", to borrow a line from the late W.C. Fields). As far as those nicely splashed colors, were concerned, there is also a unique and charming beauty in viewing these same foothills and canyons in silhouette form........or completely black.........

That day, at Red Rock Canyon, changed completely how I view the night sky, whenever I sit on my own porch now. Many an evening, has passed, when my mind flashes back, to that same picnic area, where we were that day. I find myself envisioning, how it must look, at nightfall.......and how it must feel, with the desert breeze........and how it must sound, with the crickets, locusts, and other desert insects, animals and birds........

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