June and the Dazzling Night Sky (continued)

As a very brief digression, from my train of thought, I would like to say a few words, vis á vis June's work in the Fractured Fairy Tales. I had mentioned, in a piece that I wrote, on Daws Butler, that if the Grimm brothers had lived to see and hear Daws breath life, into so many of their famous characters, they would most assuredly be proud, and thrilled, at the justice that he had done their work. I am sure that we are safe to assume that they would feel exactly the same way, about the sparkle, charm and warmth, that June has contributed, to many of their female characters.

At any rate, when my mind would occasionally stumble on June, on some of those soothing, moonlit nights, I would think not just of her voice, being used in a nocturnal cartoon, but also about something else..........I wondered, sometimes, if June happened to be looking out, at the same night sky, as I was.............and if she was enjoying the peacefulness, and beauty, of the natural darkness, at that exact same moment.

I thought a lot, too, about how June was (and is) the only gifted voice artist left, from all the really great, quality work, that Jay Ward and Bill Scott put out, over the years (going back as long ago as 1959). I also thought about some of her achievements, dating all the way back to the 30s and the 40s.

I have been very happy to read, over the last year or so, that not only is she still quite active, in her profession, but she appears to still be a ball of energy and is living life to its fullest. It is my sincere hope, that the many blessings, treasures and triumphs, that have fallen into June's path, over the decades, will be so very nicely enhanced, and magnified, through many, many more years, as one of the last living, legends, from the classic era of Animation.