April 06, 2003

Paul Frees Website

Thanks so much for your tribute to one of the finest voice actors in our lifetime. I have long admired Paul's work and have regretted never having the privilege to work with him-I was VP of an Oregon-based advertising agency and had pitched Paul to a good number of clients-who were too cheap to pay the talent fee. Just wanted to say thanks for your site and helping the world know that Paul Frees lives in many of our "theaters of the mind"

Why, thank you. I hope you really enjoyed the two articles that we have on Paul. And I really love barbecue myself very much; especially the Texas barbecue variety that we have down here. I don't know how different it is, where you are. If you are "in the know" about barbecue, perhaps you've heard of The Salt Lick Restaurant. It's around 25-40 miles Southwest of Austin, Texas. Ironically Greg, the web design guy from our site, recently moved fairly close to the Salt Lick. It's a 35-40 minute drive for me, however. I don't mind the drive however; it's a beautiful drive and I've never eaten barbecue that tasted better. I also found my one and only pet, out at the Salt Lick: a little calico cat. I picked her up out there 11 and 1/2 years ago, when she was a baby..............and very boney, emacicated and crying too. I nursed her back to health and christened her with the name "Driftwood" (because the Salt Lick is in a little "whistle stop" town called Driftwood).

I saw Paul Frees recently in a Bette Davis movie called "The Star". They had scene alone together, near the end of the movie. The movie came out in 1952, I think.


Yes I am familiar with the Salt Lick--haven't been there..yet. I will also one day get to Austin and hopefully hear Guy Forseyth Band-one of my all time favorites. I do a quick poll question on my show each week. Couple of weeks ago-asked folks about their favorite style of BBQ. Texas got 56%, and beat out KCMO, Memphis, NC and SC. KCMO was the top choice last year. We've got a Busters Texas BBQ restaurant in Portland which is very good. Both of the operators are from Texas and when I'm not quing myself, tend to drive for an hour to eat there. I too adopted a tiger striped cat a couple of years ago-Rascal. She'd been abandoned in our neighborhood and "scoped" us out before deciding that we'd be a good family to move in with. She's my "lil' girl" and has so much personality, it just cracks me up at times. She's a very affectionate kitty and is good at supervising our yard work. Keep up the good work. And if you have a mind to, tune into the show via internet at www.mrbbq.info

Thanks Brian!

"Mr. BBQ"