April 17, 2003

Re: Paul Frees

Hello Brian,

Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your article. I do a scan of the web periodically just to see what I can find out about my dad. He was a fascinating man and a real character, too bad you never got to meet him in person. Anyways, thanks for publishing this on the web for everyone to enjoy.

Keep up the good work!

Sabrina Frees-Perrin

Hi Sabrina:

So nice to hear from you. And I'm really glad that you, being one of Paul's children, enjoyed my articles. We heard from Dorothy Scott, Bill Scott's daughter too. You're right; it is a shame that I did not get to meet him. But at least I not only got a letter from your father.............but a taped letter, as well, and got to hear his voice. I read quite a lot about how he was always joking and clowning around with his fellow actors; how he always had a story or a joke to tell. If it's not too impertinent a question to ask you.........After I read Keith Scott's book, "The Moose That Roared", where Keith mentioned that he was married a few times...........well, I always wondered, after that, if he was still married to Beverly, up til the end. Beverly did speak to me, very briefly, on that taped letter.