April 27, 2004

Hey Brian

Are you guys still doing all of this stuff. I was a great fan of Walter Tetley and wish I could have met him.

I'll get back to you about my love of OTR and voice actors. I'm lucky that I managed to meet Paul Frees and many of the others while working (for 20 years) with UPI Radio. Now I'm news director of a radio station in Merced, California, as my career winds down.

I have a question, though. I have always wanted to accomplish the following and wonder if you have any ideas about whose ear I should put a bug in to do it:

I would love to take an old DRAGNET or GUNSMOKE or HAVE GUN; WILL TRAVEL show from the 1950s and have it animated. Since the entire story line, dialogue, music, etc., are there -- and since they are in pristine audio quality (having been mastered on magnetic recording tape) -- I would love to see what it would look like. I envision giving a grant to a college kid, someone so young they never even saw the TV versions of the shows ... let them loose and see what their imagination could come up with.

Might be fun.

Let me know what you think and keep up the good work.

Dennis Daily

Hi Dennis: I'm finding that the longer I have the web page up, the more modest I have to be. With each passing year, I have gotten more and more questions about contacts, or just about specific information, that I'm not informed of. Unfortunately my full-time career is not in this area (I wish it were!).

Really, I was just a kid, who got lucky, 30 years ago, and had the privilege with corresponding with some of these great voice artists (and multiple times with Daws Butler). I've attached a photo of what I looked like, when these people started writing to me (June Foray was the first one). Though I was just a little boy, I did get some incredibly detailed information.

Brian at age 12 (23K)

Brian at Age 12

I do think that your idea, about converting to program to a cartoon is a wonderful idea. I'm not sure that going with someone, who does not have a background or a familiarty with the original work, is a good idea. On the other hand, I could see where that might have some interesting results.