August 27, 2003

Re: Walter Tetley

What a great pleasure it was to read about Walter Tetley (or should I say Leroy and Julius). Ann Whitfield lives in the Northwest and attends the annual REPS (Radio Enthusists of Puget Sound) Showcase each year. Maybe she can share some information about Walter when they were together on the Phil Harris & Alice Faye show.

Keep up the research work on these support actors. We all know about Harold Peary and Jim Jordan, but what about Mr. Pevie or Mr. Wimple. Who were those guys and what other characters did they play on radio? Inquiring minds want to know.

Thanks a lot! Richard Le Grand played Mr. Pevey. When all else fails, there is always:,%20Richard

That won't pull up his radio work though; I don't know too much about that. And I really don't remember a Mr. Wimple on the Great Gildersleeve; was that another show? Did Ann Whitfield play one of Phil and Alice Faye's daughters?