August 28, 2003

Re: Walter Tetley

Thanks for the info. Yes, Ann played one of the daughters on the Phil Harris & Alice Faye show. She either lives in Washington State or Oregon. The people at REPS could probably tell you how to contact her.

I just learned that a radio actor named Bill Thompson played Wallace Wimple on Fibber McGee & Molly. Wimple always talked about his "big old wife, Sweetie face". He also played Horatio Boomer and Mr. Old Timer on the same show. I'm sure that there were other radio actors who played multiple characters on other radio shows. That's the part that fascinates me.

I heard Bill Thompson on a guest spot on the Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show on which he played a German professor. I knew it was him instantly. Ann must be in her 70s by now, right? Or maybe her 80s.