February 13, 2004

In reference to your site and Paul Frees

I stumbled across your website dedicated to cartoon voices while looking for information about Paul Frees.

I've been in love with his voice for many years, ever since I was a small child and he was in his heyday, especially his natural voice. I don't know if you are only concentrating on his cartoon voices but if not, there are some glaring omissions you might not be aware of (depending on how old you are).

Mr. Frees was the voice of John Baresford Tipton on the old 50s TV series The Millionaire (Mr. Tipton was never seen on camera, you only saw the back of his chair as he spoke to his employee, Michael Anthony). Anyone old enough to remember 50s television knows that voice. He also did the narration for a 70s television series called The Immortal that starred Christopher George and he did the opening narration for War of the Worlds (Sir Cedric Hardwicke did the closing narration) as well as doing a bit role as a newsman. He was also the dubbed voice for Toshiro Mifune (Adm. Yamamoto) in the movie Midway.


That is a website devoted to voice actors and their credits. Not all information though, is correct since most of the information is furnished by fans. I find it interesting he is credited with being the voice of Robby the Robot in Forbidden Planet as well as doing voice work in Earth vs. Flying Saucers (one of the better old school sci-fi movies) and Colossus the Forbin Project (a movie they shouldn't have wasted money on, IMO) as well as other sci-fi movies aside from the aforementioned War of the Worlds

I don't quite remember since I wasn't that big of a fan of Magnum PI but he was either the phone voice of Robin Masters in some of the earlier seasons of the series or portrayed a man pretending to be Robin Masters in a particular episode. Note that his and Higgins's voices are fairly similar (in a John Baresford Tipton kind of way) which might be why Higgins was revealed to be R. Masters at the end of the series.

Thank you for your website, I found it wonderfully nostalgic and very entertaining (I'm an old Jay Ward fan, myself).

All very interesting details, my friend. Actually, I never really claimed to be a totally comprehensive reference source for Paul Frees. Much of what I am trying to do, on this web page, is simply offer my opinion, and share bits and pieces of my first hand experience with Paul.

Thanks very much for your interest!