February 15, 2004

I'm a friend of Tina Marie

Hi Brian

I am a friend of Tina Marie, and she forwarded your email and address to me about FF. I read aloud to my kids in my art classes as they are coloring. I would LOVE to find printed scripts of Fractured Fairytales or CD's of them that I coudl play. Do you know of any in print FF's? Or audio tapes? I don't have a vcr in my classroom, but I suppose I could get one. I am a huge fan of R&Bwinkle. I do a lot of voices and I know that my love of making up voices stems from those early cartoons. They were the greatest. I would love to watch some of them again, and would appreciate anything you know about them...VCR, CD, print, or Audio. Thanks so much!

Linda Woods