February 03, 2002

Birthday of WTWP

The genesis (or birthday) of The Walter Tetley Web Page dates back further than Tax Day 2001 (you may notice that we have a "geiger counter", of sorts, indicating how many have visited our site since 4/15/01). Both Greg and I have actually lost track of the exact date, when the WTWP first appeared on-line; it is safe to say, however, that it was probably a few weeks before Thanksgiving 2000. Therefore, we will use the unofficial date of November 1, 2000, as our anniversary date. I am proud that our web page began with the ushering in of the XXIst Century and the 3rd Millennium (naturally I know that there will be many who will disagree with me, on that, and will affirm that these two eras began in 2001). Of course Greg and I have been most rewarded by all the interest, questions and information that we have gotten from you, our readers. We really do look forward to more of that, into our second anniversary, our third anniversay and beyond!

Brian Kistler