January 23, 2004

your site

Wow, Brian!

I just checked out your web page, been reading it for about 2 hours, and I'm impressed by the work you've done on these actors!

Some of the stuff is totally new to me, and I've been a voice actor for about 15 years! Fun stuff, and hearing my mentor, Daws, on MP3 was a delight to me. I studied with him in the months just before he died. What an amazing guy.

Still got to check out the Frees, June, and other pages of your site, but even though I've worked with June on several occasions as Bullwinkle, Porky, and many Smurfs voices along with the incomparable Corey Burton and Lucille Bliss.

Still haven't bought the Paul Frees book, but thoroughly enjoyed the MP3s you have on your site. Will maybe buy the Poster People record, but don't know if it's available at this time.

I urge you to check out my site, and let me know what you think. Will be reading yours for the next couple of days, at least! Also, I will let you know if I can contribute anything to your site.


Gary, garygillett.com

Hi Gary

Hi Gary: I really enjoyed your site a lot; especially the audio, your resume and your pictures. I like the pic with you on the horse. A lot of the pictures are really interesting and also funny. Your sound effects are really entertaining to listen to!!

When did you work with June Foray? I was especially curious about when you did Bullwinkle with her (since Keith Scott did that voice with her in 2000)

As for your suggestion that you might have something that you could add to my web page, what did you have in mind? I may very well be interested. I don't believe that I saw the address for your yahoo group in your email. What is it?

My very best wishes to you,