January 23, 2004

Re: Your site

Glad you liked it! Thanks for the kind words.

Where did you visit in Europe? I lived there for about a year, jumping from country to country and living in a tent with my friend, studying languages (and picking up many dialects and accents along the way) with a friend of mine who is now, according to the Guiness Book of Records, "The World's Greatest Living Linguist." Pretty nice gig.

I use the languages I learned to create characters, he is a translator for a major corporation based in Germany, and like a brother to me. Visits once or twice a year, and brings me unusual things from all over the world.

Unfortunately, Daws died in my 3rd week studying with him, but I got to know one of the nicest guys who ever did this kind of work. Generous, funny and modest to a fault. So I really don't have too much aside from the fact that he inspired so many (including myself) to greatness (O.K., mine is still coming!)

Re: Janet. Met her, love her and haven't seen her much lately. Even use her as paradigm for my voice over students. Her energy and passion are amazing, and are to be emulated as much as possible.

My yahoo group address is: hang on a minute. It's here somewhere. Hmmmmm...brb. Here it is! workingvoiceactors. No messages, yet. Still new.

Best, and keep in touch.