January 7, 2004

Walter Tetley, June Foray, R&B, J.W., B.S., et al...

...stumbled upon your Walter Tetley web page.

As I sit here in my den, looking down at me from the wall are ...(1) a cartoon cell (a Christmas present from my wife) of Rocky & Bullwinkle, ...(2) a Bullwinkle clock (another Christmas present; it goes backwards), ...(3) my Bullwinkle Fan Club, Chowder-Marching, and Moosewatching Society card; I carried it in my wallet for almost 40 years, then retired the poor thing before it turned to dust, ...(4) an 8 1/2 x 11 version of the wallet-sized card, and ...(5) a July 2, 1962, letter from Jay Ward. Not only did Mr. Ward sign his name, but drew a picture of Bullwinkle.

In 1962, I wrote a letter to Jay Ward. He responded with a wonderful packet of Bullinkle material...I still have most (all?) of the items. It included items 3, 4, & 5 above. After a second letter to Jay Ward, I received a packet about Moosylvania, soon (?) to be the 52nd state.

Thank you (& Greg Jones) for the effort and information on the web page.