July 12, 2003

Re: tetley autograph

Walter Tetley Autograph (20K)


I'm sorry to have sent you something that wouldn't open. I purchased the autograph book a few years ago, and was amazed to find Walter's autograph in it. Is it rare?

Until your site, I had never even seen a picture of Walter Tetley, with the exception of a fuzzy one of him dressed in a kilt, and I appreciate your offering a look at the face that went with the voice.

I met Paul Frees perhaps 20 yhears ago when he came into the radio station in San Francisco I work at to cut a political spot for Dianne Feinstein.She was mayor of San Francisco at the time, and is now a Senator from California. Apprently sojourns into the City from Marin Country.....I think he lived in Tiburon, were rare for him. He had fullltime 15 khz line running from his house to Pac Bell toll in San Francisco, where they could patch hm into recording studios in the city.

I remember him as quiet, very nattily attired, and very small.

Tom Johnson

If it was 20 years ago, he was not doing too well. He died a few years later in 1986. Yes, he was pretty short. He did live in Tiburon. He stopped going into L.A., San Francisco or anywhere, long before his health problems, however. He was a real homebody, and he did not believe in working all the time. He deliberately stuck with voice acting because it demanded much, much less of his time. He had tons of hobbies and passtimes too; he enjoyed them and enjoyed having a nice meal at home with his wife and just relaxing.