July 27, 2003

Chas A. Butler

Hi! Brian.

My name is Charles A. Butler ( CHAS ) I am the youngest son of Daws Butler. (One of 4 )I was told of your wonderful web page by a friend of mine who just stumbled On to it. I knew of some of the people who wrote my father, for some reason I did'nt know of you. I wish I had known, what you have to say about my father Is very kind and I thank you very much for your web page.

I do not wish to get too long winded in this letter but I would love to chat With you sometime about my father, from a son's point of view. I believe my whole family would love a copy of your "Tribute Song" to my Father as well.

I love the fact that someone has taken the time to create a web page not Only on my father, but, all of the other great voice actors. I Thank you, again. On their behalf.

Chas A. Butler