June 15, 2003

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Sad but glad you collected all this information. Thanks. Hard to believe he had such a poor ending, but didn't many of the commedians , like Abbott and Costello, etc.?


I'm not even sure now that Paul Frees had it right, when he said that he spent his last days in a trailer near the beach. His death certificate shows that his last place of residence, before he went to a nursing home, was on Erwin Street in Woodland Hills, CA (he was a neighbor of June Foray; June Foray still lives on that street in Woodland Hills).

I heard about Costello's hard life. I did not recall that Abbott also fell upon some really sad times. Abbott, Costello and Tetley may have done several movies together, but I have just seen one: "Who Dunnit?" or "Who Done it?" from the early 40s.