June 23, 2003

Walter Sighting

Hello Brian,

I sent you some Tetley tidbits some time ago and you were kind enough to write back and acknowledge my message. I just thought I'd send this info to you in case you were not aware of it. While watching a tape I had in my movie collection, It Started With Eve, I was surprised to notice that Walter Tetley had a very brief appearance in the beginning of the film as (what else) a bellboy. Although he was in the scene with Bob Cummings where he asked to page someone, his face is never shown. In fact, the director took obvious pains to have him stand and walk so that his face is never visible. His voice, of course, as is the back of his head and a quick side view while walking through the hotel lobby, is unmistakable.

Just thought I'd bring this to your attention in case you didn't already know about it. The film, which is a classic, of course, was made in 1941.

Ed LaRose

Thanks, Ed:

I pulled up that movie and noticed that he was not credited for it. I will contact the internet movie data base and ask them to add that credit. Even if he was uncredited in the cast, the movie data base usually still credits someone with "uncredited" in parantheses. They added one other credit for W.T., that I sent them in recent months. He did a voice in a Warner Bros. cartoon in 1941 called "The Haunted Mouse". I was happy that they credited him when I told them about that.

They also added credits, that I pointed out, for other folks like June Foray, Daws Butler and Edward Everett Horton. There may be a problem, however, if I cannot furnish them proof about this movie. With most of the other credits, that I sent them, I gave them some documentation to prove that the credit was valid.