May 06, 2002

Sherman n Peabody episides

Do you know where I can purchase episides? Thanks for any tips.

Grinner Hester

video editor

I can't tell you where to go for just Peabody and Sherman episodes alone, but I can tell you where to go to buy videos which include Peabody, Sherman, Rocky and Bullwinkle and all their other features. I don't think that they sell P & S separately, without all those other shows.

Go to this site, and you can order P & S episodes packaged with the rest of those Jay Ward cartoons:

Not every single one of those videos (there are 12 of them, I think) includes P & S, but most of them do. So check out the contents before ordering. I did a little research, recently, and I learned that, between 1959-1964 Jay Ward and Bill Scott put together 90 "5-minute" Peabody and Sherman episodes.