May 16, 2003

Re: Fractured Fairy Tales

My name is Larry Williams. I am a high school drama director at a small school in Illinois.

I am serching for information regarding production rights for Fractued Fairy Tales. We are wanting to doa reader's theatre version of the book for our fall 2003 drama production.

After viewing your comprehensive web site, I was wondering if you might know who I might contact regarding this venture. I did go to the Jay Ward site but found no information there that would help.

Thanks you for you assistance,

Larry Williams
Drama Director

Well, there were a couple things that I think you might be able to do. First, I think that Ward Productions may have sold at least some of the rights for Fractured Fairy Tales, Rocky and Bullwinkle to "Buena Vista" (and I think that Buena Vista is part of Walt Disney). Buena Vista has marketed quite a few of Jay Ward cartoons in video form.

Secondly, I might trying contacting Dudley Do-Right's Emporium, because Jay Ward's widow, Romona, and his daughter, Tiffany, they run that place. That might be able to help you if Buena Vista can't. If you have the patience to surf through Peabody's Pony Express you will see some contact info. about that store. Unfortunately I don't have time to look that up, right at this moment, but you could find it somewhere there (or do a search on the computer).

Hopefully you have the right Fractured Fairy Tales in mind. I did a search, on the web, about Fractured Fairy Tales and apparently Jay Ward was not the only one to use that title, in such productions as these.