November 16, 2003

Walter Tetley

I found your Walter Tetley web page today and have very mixed feelings. As fan of Walter on both the Great Gildersleve and The Phil Harris shows I was always entertained by his wisecracking comments. Now I hear these programs on a regular basis thanks to Stan Freberg's late night radio program "When Radio was..." He always talks about Walter Tetley as his good friend. If in fact he was hs friend, he may be a source of additional information.

The most disappointing aspect of the page was the news that Walter died so many years ago without any public awareness. Given Freberg's commentary, I had hope he was still alive even if he would be 88 by now. Keep up the good work. I will search my archives to see if I have a characteriature of Walter of all NBC radio stars in 1949. Any interest if I can find it?

Joe Zoller

Sure; I would be interested. That would be a neat thing to have. I assume that you must already have access to several photos of him, if you are presently interested in a charicature. I would imagine that you would be interested in photographs first, and charicatures second. I have not seen any charicatures anywhere, but most assuredly they must exist.