November 27, 2003

Walter Tetley autograph

Hey Brian. I have an old autograph album from the early 1930s that belonged to an actress (broadway stuff) and some radio personalities. One page has the following inscription "To Patricia Waters with best wishes from Walter C. Tetley." Me thinks it your boy Peabody (the next page is signed by Vivian Smolen of the "N.B.C. Children's Hour". But your article makes no mention of a "C." for a middle initial. Any clues?

I wish I could find the copy of his death certificate, that someone gave to me. I looked all over and I could not find it. That would surely have told me the answer to your question. I will say this; I vaguely remember seeing the name Campbell, as a middle name on that certificate. And in case you did not already know, his surname was actually Tetzlaff (the exact spelling may be off some). Tetley is a stage name.