October 03, 2003

Subject: I'll try to be brief!

Alas, I fear it won't happen. Please forgive in advance.

I am a 48-yr. old resident of Germantown, Maryland who has taken it upon himself to construct a time machine. Being somewhat mechanically challenged (changing light bulbs being the extent of any acquired expertise), I decided it was much more practical to surround myself with yesterday rather than dabble in any sort of temporal endeavors. From Old-Time radio to television I am engulfed in the past.

Accepting the premise that Television of Today, uh, Stinks, I have accumulated a vast inventory of both VHS & DVD representations of what made my youth\adolescence (apparently still stuck in a state of arrested development) memorable.

Of the hundreds of selections currently on hand, NONE and I mean NONE, tickles me as much as Volume 1 of Rocky & Friends. Such disturbs my wife terribly, but she'll just have to get over it!

And now, Dear God!, now I find your web site and realize that my condition is far from unique. The voice actors you lionize have been a huge part of my collection on several fronts for many years.

I can't thank you enough. I have just begun to assimilate!

Sincerest thanks (even with tongue firmly planted in cheek),

Ross Klavan

Thanks!............I think?.................I'm not quite sure about that last comment about "tongue in cheek" :)

But anyway-----it was such a great dream come true for me, to be able to devote so much attention to something that I loved so much-----and to dedicate so much detail, where detail on this subject is a rarity. So I am pleased that you enjoyed my site; hopefully you enjoyed it to the extent that I enjoyed putting it together.