October 11, 2003

Re: Walter Tetley


I found your website today and was pleased to read about Walter Tetley. I remember him mostly from the '40s as Leroy on the Great Gildersleeve.

I recall that in the story line, Leroy was undergoing voice training and would occasionally sing when asked to do so by his uncle. I don't know whether it was Tetley's singing voice we heard, but I do know that it was beautiful and well trained. The song that most impressed me was an english lyric translation of "Ach, so fromm" by Friedrich von Flotow.

I haven't read all of the postings on your site, so I'm only guessing that you didn't know that already. Please tell me if I'm wrong, and all you know about Tetley's singing abilities.


John Kelley

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I don't know about that, but I did hear him sing on Gildersleeve before; remember when he sang: "Is you is or Is you ain't my baby!"

Thanks for the interesting nugget,


I remember the song, but not Leroy singing it. It does fit perfectly into the mid-forties time frame. Now I'll have to start another collection.

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