October 25, 2003

voice recognition


My husband & I were watching an old movie the other night called"A Pocket Full Of Miracles" starring Bette Davis. There was a butler in the film and halfway through the movie I noticed that his voice was strangely familiar. I said, "doesn't he sound like the voice from Fractured Fairy Tales?" The next day, I went to Yahoo and searched for info. This took me to your web page and sure enough, Edward Everett Horton was the voice of the narrator. What fun! I wish Mr. Horton was still alive so I could let him know how fondly his voice is still remembered. Just thought you might get a kick out of this. Is there anywhere to see the fairy tales anymore? I would buy the collection as well!

Thanks for the memory.

Laura Scarborough

I didn't really like that movie that much. It strikes me as interesting, however, that Ed E. Horton's butler character has a line, in the movie, about fairy tales (I think so, anyway). I thought that was quite a coincidence. That movie came out in 1961, I believe; about 2 years after E.E. Horton had already started narrating those cartoons.

If you go to this web address of E.E. Horton titles for sale, you will eventually come to several videos of Rocky and Bullwinkle which have fractured fairy tales included in these videos (JUST ARROW DOWN TIL YOU SEE THEM). I don't think that you can buy the fairy tales just by themselves: