September 03, 2003

WTWP email: Re: Need a name

Dear Brian

Hi there. Great page

We need to know the name of the "blowhard" explorer from the series. Every other part of the show is well documented but I can not find any info at all about the character. His name is most important but any other info would also be nice.

Again: Thanks much. Chuck Kostka


I guess you're talking about Commander McBragg from The World of Commander McBragg. That actually was not a Jay Ward cartoon, but people think it was because it appeared as part of the Hoppity Hooper show (which was a Jay Ward cartoon). I don't know why Jay Ward used a few cartoons on that show which were produced by someone else. The World of Commander McBragg was produced by Total Television Productions. They are the people who brought us Underdog and Tennessee Tuxedo. Because some of the same artists, who worked for Jay Ward, also worked for Total Television Productions, that's all the more reason why some folks thought that Jay Ward did those cartoons. The man who did the voice of Commander McBragg is Kenny Delmar (long dead; lived from 1910-1984).