September 05, 2003

Re: Walter Tetley

I remember Mr. Tetley from the original run of The Great Gildersleeve in the 1940's and 1950's. As you did, I assumed the actor was a kid, like me!

Mr. Tetley was featured in several cuts of Stan Freberg Presents the United States of America. That album, originally recorded over forty years ago, is available today on CD, a monument to the comic genius, Stan Freberg. Jesse White and June Foray are also on that album. Freberg teamed with Daws Butler on a number of top-40 novelty hits of the 1950's, but I cannot recall if any of those singles included Mr. Tetley.

Thanks for a really fine web site, which I found when I was looking for Paul Frees' record album. (I still ache that that great talent is gone.)

John Markham

San Diego CA


Thanks, and I hope that you enjoyed hearing some of the songs from Paul Frees and the Poster People.