Honorable Mentions

March 12, 2001

In this portion, of the Walter Tetley Web Page, we will touch, briefly, on all the other voice-over artists, used in Jay Ward cartoons. Though we have not dedicated an entire detailed commentary, to each one of these, we wish to say at least a few words about them:


Hoppity Hooper

We will start with Chris Allen because she is the only other voice artist, (besides, June Foray, Daws Butler, Paul Frees and Bill Scott), who wrote to me. We will not dedicate a very long commentary to her, however, because by her own admission, she is, first and foremost, "a writer". Voices have always been something that she has just done as a side-line.

She did not do very much, at all, other than the title role, in Hoppity Hooper. Her filmography, at http://us.imdb.com/Bio?Allen,+Chris (V) proves this. (The Roman Numeral 5, in parantheses, attests to the fact that there are at least 5 Chris Allens in show biz).

Should anyone have an interest, in more details about Ms. Allen (based on her 6-page typed letter to me), we would be happy to include that information under our mailbag feature, Peabody's Pony Express.

Just a few words on Ms. Allen, before moving on: It is not certain if she is still living. I have no idea when she was born. She did say, however, in her April 28, 1974 letter, that she had a 24-year-old son and a 21-year-old daughter, then.

Bill Scott (the voice of Bullwinkle) said in his February 1974 letter that "Chris Allen is a handsome, middle-aged woman". So we know that she was at least 40-45, back then, and that she was, most likely, a very attractive woman. For the record, Chris did not send me a photo, and I have never seen a picture of her.

Ms. Allen did say that Daws Butler was a very dear friend and a very dear human being. She said that he guest lectured, in a Drama class that she was teaching, and her college students were fascinated! At the time she was teaching Drama, part-time, while getting her MA degree in this same subject area (so although she was a writer, it appears that she had not completely lost her interest in the show biz angle).


Hans Conried

As far as Hans Conried, and the majority of the others who follow, are concerned, so much has already been written about them (and they are already quite famous), that I will just mention a few brief details.

Uncle Waldo and Hoppity

Hans Conried was born in 1917 and he died in 1982. He did the voice of Snidely Whiplash, on Dudley Do-Right and he also did the voice, of Uncle Waldo, in Hoppity Hooper (the wolf pictured in the cartoon above).

Hans Conried also hosted a "non-cartoon" series, produced by Jay Ward, called Fractured Flickers. The show poked fun at the Silent Movie genre. Voices were dubbed into clips of several of the silent movies, and a whole new story was created!

Conried has appeared in many, many TV shows, including as a regular cast member from Danny Thomas' TV show, Make Room for Daddy, in which he played "Uncle Tonoose", for many years.

He has also been in his share of movies, and radio shows. As far as radio is concerned, I had read that he was playing middle-aged men, even when he was in his 20s.

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