The Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show:(continued)

There seemed to be some variations in Walter's rendition of Julius. Sometimes he laid this dialect on, really thick and heavy. Other times he delivered his lines with only a subtle hint of Brooklyn. Sometimes he spoke in everyday speech patterns; much like an Everyman. Other times he appeared to take on the character of a young "hood", or gang member, from Westside Story. When he would utter sentences such as "me truck" or "me's arms", instead of "my truck" and "my arms", I wondered if the producers of The Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show, were going for a more "rough around the edges" image, for Julius (it must have been a breath of fresh air, for him, to portray someone who was a little less puerile, and innocent, for a change). In another episode, in keeping with this same brand of nearly broken English, he threatened Phil Harris, and his best friend, Frankie Remly with the question:

"You want I should call the cops?!?........"

Julius was also allowed, so much more, to vent his anger, even rage, that was bottled up inside him (unlike Little Leroy). There were times when Julius screamed out his wrath, in a voice that was nearly manic!! Of course most of this rage came out, when he was the target of Phil Harris and Frankie's, cruel and ghastly maneuvers! Most of the time, the schemes that Phil and Frankie cooked up, were not meant as practical jokes. Usually the two of them were in a very bad scrape, and needed a way out.............and Julius became their "meal ticket", or "fat pigeon", if you will.

On rare occasions, he willingly agreed to help them out. More than half the time they had to con him, so that he unwittingly was roped into becoming a spoke in their "greasy wheel"! Even when he did agree, to help these two conniving villains, it usually was only because they "had him over a barrel" (they either threatened him with blackmail, or they had something that he really needed or wanted). Julius often found himself sucked into their funnel of chaos, right after he uttered the words:

"Hey anybody home?...........I got groceries here!!..........."

Julius' timing was uncanny!! He always, just happened to show up, with groceries, at a moment that was perfect for him to play right into Phil and Frankie's hands! If I didn't know any better, I would have sworn that Phil and Frankie were vultures, laying in ambush for Julius, just when they needed him. Many times Julius knew, right away, that his goose was cooked, when one of these fellows would say to him abruptly:

"Hey, Julius.........C'mere!!............."
"I don't wanna!................", he would usually say. Almost invariably, however, he would play right into their hands.
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