The Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show:(continued)

If all of this sounds too terrible to be funny, relax...........the tone of these episodes really was quite conducive to laughter! More often than not, it was tit for tat, as Julius usually had the opportunity to get even, in one way or another. With that being said, hopefully you will not be too chagrined, to read a few examples of some of the more diabolical webs, that Phil and Frankie weaved (with Julius as their little fly). Now for a few examples of what the teenage Abruzzio had to endure:

The Walled-in Bed:

On one occasion Phil undertook the hair-brained experiment of trying to prove, to Frankie, that someone could get caught in a walled-in bed and not suffocate (though why he wanted to prove this is a mystery to me!). Once again, Julius Abruzzio just happened to show up, right when they were arguing over this. Abruzzio vehemently protested that he would have no part of this experiment. He said:

"You couldn't get me into that bed unless you gave me $1,000,000!!"
"Well here's $2.00 as a down payment!", Frankie Remly said; "You'll get the rest after you suffocate!!"

Though Harris and Remly finally gave up, on any cooperation from Abruzzio, they, ironically, got their wish anyway, BY ACCIDENT!! They asked Julius if he would pull a lever, which would fold the bed back up into the wall. The teenager saw no harm in that. Unfortunately, for him, he just happened to get caught up in the bed, when it swung back into the wall!! While he was screaming, in muffled cries, to be let out of the wall, Remly was saying:

"Well, let's just wait and see how many minutes, he can actually stay there, without breathing!!"

The New Drug:

The sponsor for The Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show was Rexall Drugs. Phil decided to try to invent a new drug, for the show's sponsor and, of course, Frankie, being his best friend, got involved. The two buddies were afraid to try the first taste of this drug. Once again, you could set the sundial to their luck!!..........Julius was there, right when they needed him. They grabbed a hold of him, right after they asked him if he would help them test their drug, and he shouted:

"Hey!!..........Get your clammy meat hooks off me!!"
"Oh, c'mon, Julius!", Frankie Remly said to him; "What's the worst thing that could happen to you?"
"I could drop dead!!!", Abruzzio said.
"Yeah, but besides that??..........", Remly countered.

Then they tried to pour the drug down his throat, anyway, but they missed! A huge explosion erupted! When the smoke cleared, only Harris and Remly were in sight! For a few moments they thought they had killed Abruzzio.........but then, he came out of his hiding place (he had ducked under a cot, in the garage, where they were doing this experiment). He screamed at them:

"Wait'll I tell my old man that you tried to make an active volcano out of me!!"
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