The Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show:(continued)

The Mailbox:

In this episode, Phil and Alice Faye were trying to play matchmaker, for Frankie. They wanted to set the eternal bachelor, Frankie, up with a woman, so he would possibly "get hitched" and have less time on his hands, to bother them. It just so happened that, the lady in question, was Julius' aunt. To keep Julius from interfering, since they knew that he hated them, they picked him up, and stuffed him in a big mailbox (the larger U.S. Mail variety, of course). They did not worry, at all, about ever getting him out of that box. He got out, himself, and was fit to be tied! He smashed through one of the Harrises' living room windows, right while his aunt was in their house, and Frankie was trying to woo her. He screamed at them:

"Wait'll my old man hears about this!!!............You want I should call the cops?!?.............I'll tell you how I got out of that mailbox!!........No stamps!!!........."

Assault Charge:

On one show, Phil Harris was slated to appear in court, over a physical altercation, that he got involved in, at a supermarket. Frankie Remly was also to be charged, in this same suit. Julius was on the witness list. He was also expected to answer some questions about Phil and Frankie's character. Harris and Remly went to Julius' supermarket, and tried to reason with him, hoping that he would not say anything detrimental. When Julius refused them, these two buddies actually seriously entertained the thought of murdering him!! least for a few fleeting moments they pondered over that possibility. Phil and Frankie discussed, among themselves, about maybe sneaking up behind Julius, binding him, and then throwing him into the meat freezer! Unfortunately Julius heard all that, and he screamed at them:

"Just wait til the "D.A. hears from me now!!!!.........."

Abruzzio, himself, "had his own day in court" (figuratively speaking), when he made Harris and Remly pay, dearly, for their deviant maltreatment of him. Probably one of the funniest episodes, had to do with the circus:

The Circus:

Phil and Frankie somehow lost their tickets, to get into the circus. Their family and friends were already seated inside, and watching the show. They knew that Julius was helping the circus out that day (he was cleaning the lions' cage, while these lions were under the big top). They tried to convince Abruzzio, to sneak them on in, without their tickets. Why Harris and Remly ever agreed to Julius' plan, is probably a mystery to most people!!

Julius just happened to have access to a big lion's suit...........He talked Phil and Frankie into reluctantly getting into that suit! He next talked them into going through a trap door, which they thought was a secret passage to the circus. Well, it was!..........but they had no idea, that that trap door led to a live circus show, that was going on right then!!...........They unwittingly became part of the main attraction, with a bunch of hungry lions, as their co-stars!! The lion suit was apparently so very good, that it fooled everybody!!: the circus ring leader, the spectators and even the lions!! So poor Phil and Frankie were forced to hobnob with these fierce, roaring lions! Somehow they got out alive!!............Abruzzio was no more concerned about that, than Remly and Harris had been, of getting him out of that mailbox...........or getting him out of that walled-in bed, while he was still breathing!.............or whether or not he survived their homemade concoction of a new drug!............

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