The Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show:(continued)

Though I meant to say that Abruzzio had his day in court, figuratively, he also had his day, in court, literally, as well...........twice!! odd as it may sound, the town where Harris, Remly and Abruzzio lived, had one day a year, which was designated as Boy's Week. A teenage boy could serve as a law enforcer (or a law enforcer's assistant, to speak):

Mayor for a Day:

Julius had the honor of being selected as mayor for a day, during Boy's Week. Phil Harris had gotten a traffic ticket, and he tried to settle it at the mayor's office that very day, because he was planning to leave on a five-day vacation. Of course, Phil was incredulous, when he saw that he had to have a hearing with the teenage Abruzzio for this! For the "junior mayor" it was now PAYBACK TIME!!! He slammed down his gavel, again and again, screaming: "$50.00!!" for this offense or "$50.00!!" for that offense! He even levied Phil $50.00 for disturbing the peace (when Phil broke out into song, in his office----musical numbers were always a part of this comedy show)!!

He then revoked Phil's driver's license! Then, when Phil thought that Frankie could drive for his vacation (Frankie was going on that same vacation, and he was in the mayor's office, at the time), Julius revoked his license too!! Then this teenage mayor really "pushed the envelope", when he actually seriously tried to revoke Phil's marriage license (Julius was always in love with Phil's wife, Alice Faye)!!..............and then he tried to revoke his birth certificate!! Phil cracked that, with a stroke of his pen, Julius wiped out a record that he had ever been born!!

Judge Julius:

Doubtless Julius must have had some "meaty" credentials.........Four years after he was mayor for a day (in 1949), he was then appointed co-Judge, in a court case against Harris and Remly (in 1953), in yet another Boy's Week. Phil and Frankie were in trouble for trying to dig a tunnel, underneath a street (don't ask!!.......Just call it sheer stupidity, on their part!). Of course, just as Leroy never aged, on The Great Gildersleeve, Julius never aged on the Harris and Faye show. He was still only a junior or senior in high school, in this later episode.

For the second time Phil and Frankie were extremely taken aback, when they saw that Julius was an authority figure, when they were in trouble (Frankie, by the way, was no longer being called Frankie, at this point in the series. Like Phil and Alice Faye, he was now being called by his real name: Elliott Lewis).

Julius levied fine, after fine, after fine, against Phil and "Elliott" as they tried to defend themselves in court: "$20.00 for speaking out of turn!!"............."$20.00 for saying ' I object!' !!", he would scream! The court clerk was completely supportive of Julius.

"That will be $40.00!", the clerk would call out (and we would hear the sound of a cash register ringing)!

Judge Julius really tried to push the envelope, when he saw that none of his fines were challenged or overturned...........he even tried to recommend the death penalty for Phil and Elliott/Frankie!! At that point, the senior judge finally stepped in and told Julius that there were limits, on the penalty that could be assessed, for merely digging a tunnel under a street!

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