I also liked the monosyllabic expression of frustration, that would emit from Gildy's mouth, whenever he suffered a jolting, harsh, rude awakening of something extremely unpleasant: "OOOOOOP!!!!", he would gasp, with great chagrin. And every now and then, that "Ooooop!" would be accompanied with the words: "OHHHHHH, BOY!!............THIS IS GOING TO BE ONE OF MY BA-A-A-A-AD DAYS!!!"

A few really great episodes, involving Gildy and Judge Hooker:

School Pranks:

Gildy and Judge Hooker are laughing, and reminiscing, about all the really bad, mischievous pranks, that they pulled in school, as boys. A couple times, while they are doing this, Leroy walks in the room. Then each one angrily wants to blame the other, for setting a bad example for Leroy. They also blame each other, for starting the whole conversation, about these pranks, in the first place.

Leroy's Paper Route:

Gildy is forced to help Leroy out, with his newspaper route, on a soggy, torrentially-wet, stormy morning. Naturally it is still dark and way, way early!! All kinds of problems occur, that morning, but the worst one is when Gildersleeve throws a paper and it crashes through a window..........and that window belongs to Judge Horace Hooker!!


Judge Hooker, and another community leader, need someone to spy on the local warden. There is talk that the warden is not running the jail properly. The Judge, and this other leader, talk Gildersleeve into getting himself arrested, on some minor charge, so that he can spy on the jail and make a report. Gildersleeve very reluctantly agrees to do this, only when the Judge insists that he will obtain a Writ of Habeas Corpus, to get him out of the jail ASAP. When Gildersleeve is in jail, it turns out that the Judge was called out of town, and will not be back for days...........

After listening to 139 episodes, of The Great Gildersleeve, in a relatively short period of time, I feel like I know the Gildersleeve/Forrester household, as if they were family (or neighbors, at least). I also feel like I know so many of the other characters, from the mythical township of Summerfield (as if they were my neighbors or friends).

I have now followed Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve, through so many things, in his life, including two broken engagements (for marriage, of course), two careers (including his more familiar career, as Water Commissioner), his campaign for mayor of Summerfield, and I have shared the holidays with him and his family, over more than one calendar year. I have also shared all the woes, and hurts, of being part of the World War II era. Hooker once said to Gildersleeve: "We've been through a lot, together, haven't we, Gildy?". I sometimes feel like I could turn to the great "Laugh King", himself, and say the same thing.

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