In many ways, The Great Gildersleeve seems like a precursor to shows like The Honeymooners, The Flintstones, and even All in the Family. Though Gildersleeve was a bachelor, the one thing that he had in common, with all those shows, was that he was a fat man, often a very funny man, and he so frequently came up with hair-brained schemes that all went wrong, or blew up in his face............and so many times, when he was left picking up the pieces, he realized that, the harder he tried to get ahead (or "fix things"), the further back he fell behind!

But enough said about the show in general. Perhaps someday, soon, we will cover some details on Walter Tetley's stint on The Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show................or his work with Fred Allen, on Allen's own radio show, when he first came to Hollywood, in the late 30s. Perhaps we may even have some things to share about Walter's very early radio career, in New York City, where it all began for him.

We have heard from a reporter, from United Press International, who claims to be a HUGE fan of Old Time Radio. He has told us that he has thoroughly enjoyed listening to some of Walter's work, from The Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show. He went even one step further, and said that he thought that Walter really "stole that show"! I look forward to hearing some of those episodes someday.

How very interesting that, 20-25 years before Tetley ever voiced Sherman, on Peabody's Improbable History, he was already a child "impersonator", even that long ago!! Even if he was still a minor (as some accounts do give his year of birth as 1923, rather than the more accepted 1915), he would still have been at an age when most boys' voices begin to change. The more that I have read, written and learned, about Mr. Tetley, the more I believe that his life would make an extremely good and interesting, motion picture. Especially the last decade of his life.