Sherman I think that I was the hottest on Walter Tetley's trail, after I heard his Keebler cookie commercial. Then, only in my early teens, I wrote to the Keebler Company, in Elmhurst, Illinois, inquiring if they could help me make contact with him. Never in a million years did I think that they would take me-----this twelve to fourteen-year-old kid-----seriously, but they did! They actually forwarded my letter to the company which did advertising for Keebler. And they did so, promptly, after only just one letter from me!

This office was either in New York or Chicago. Still more incredible was the fact that a man, from that advertising office, called me at my home and spoke directly to me! He told me that he was presently in pursuit of Walter Tetley's whereabouts, and he would contact me as soon as he learned more. I just couldn't believe it!!! This gentleman interacted with me as if I were a very important client, and he was working for me (for nothing)!!

He made another contact, with me, by letter. He said that he was in touch with the agent who used to handle Walter Tetley. The man added, in his letter, that he was not completely sure if Tetley was still alive, but, in the same "breath", he added in parentheses: "though I heard he was" (this was before 1975, so, yes, he was still living).

Shortly after that, I got another letter, from someone else. This individual lacked the warmth, and enthusiasm, that my original "headhunter friend" had had. The letter said, in so many words, that they could not find him and they had no idea where he was.......... PERIOD!.........FINITO!.........The ball had been dropped. I, in turn, dropped my own ball. It was not until 2000, that I learned that he had died.

On a broader front, departing for a moment from Walter Tetley, and expanding to the topic of Peabody's Improbable History, I would say that, despite the fact that this side-show of Rocky and Bullwinkle never spun off into its own show (as did DudleyDo-Right) and despite the fact that a movie was never made, based on this cartoon (as had been the case with some of those shows), this cartoon appears to still hold much interest to this day.

While I was unable to find a website for Walter Tetley, I found a number of entries for Peabody's Improbable History, including one which sported an amateur attempt at a Peabody and Sherman comic strip. Though the comic strip drawings were quite crude, and primitive, it was a rather lengthy and interesting strip.

After the first 2000 Presidential debate, I saw a cartoon, in my local newspaper(originally from the Dayton Daily News) which pictured the moderator, of the debates,bringing them to a close. At one podium was Mr. Peabody, with a book in hand (I assume Al Gore) and at the other was Sherman, looking somewhat innocent and "wet behind the ears" (most likely George W. Bush). After all these years, Peabody and Sherman were actually being likened to 21st Century politicians!

From my own personal opinion I will say, about this show, it was probably the most adult of all the side-shows on Rocky & His Friends and The Bullwinkle Show. It did, after all, touch on historical figures such as Galileo, Ghengis Khan, Calamity Jane and the like. I also really enjoyed the music, and the animation, in the introductory scenes, of that cartoon. I really thought that the opening segment, of the show, was a true "attention grabber". I do not think that I can do that introduction justice, by mere words.

May Walter rest in peace and his memory burn on through his episodes on the Way Back Machine.........


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