Harold Peary, who played Walter's "uncle", in their radio series, was really not that much older than he. Born in 1908, he was only about seven years his senior. He died nearly 10 years after Walter, (in 1985) just a few months shy of his 77th birthday. I also wonder if Harold Peary or any of the other Gildersleeve cast members, who were still living, visited Walter, during his last days, at the convalescent home.

Flashing back to 1972, however, I knew absolutely nothing about Walter Tetley, then........and even when I learned, that he was the voice of Sherman, in Peabody's Improbable History, I did not have the first clue, as to how famous, he had once been.

I had never heard a single adult, ever mention his name. I did not know of a single movie, that he had ever done. I had never seen him guest star on any of the TV sitcoms or dramas, from the 70s. I had also never seen his name, in the credits of any cartoons, other than the Rocky and Bullwinkle series.

By this time The Great Gildersleeve radio show, had been over for at least 14 years. Any adults, who enjoyed it and remembered it, were certainly not talking about it, that much, anymore (they were especially not talking about the show, to a 12-year-old, like me, who could not begin to relate to it)..........and naturally they were not talking about Tetley's other show, in which he played the character of Julius: The Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show.

In conclusion, you could pretty much say, that I assumed that all that Walter Tetley had ever done, was just a few paltry voices, for cartoons, many years ago (when I was a baby!!).............and that was about it...........

The pieces came together very slowly, for me......... even extremely to who did the voice of the animated character, Sherman..........and as to just how remarkable Walter Tetley was.

Back in the early 70s, I knew enough about June Foray, to know that she was NOT the voice of Sherman. She would have been a logical guess, since I knew that she was Rocky's voice (and Rocky was a boy). Sherman's puerile voice just did not carry that trademark, tell-tale stamp of June's style, germane to all her other characters.

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