I pretty much knew, from the start, that Sherman's voice had to be that of a boy. I might have held out, a small amount of doubt, that he could be voiced by a woman, had I not already known that June Foray was usually the only woman, who worked for Jay Ward cartoons.

I had read the credits, at the end of the Rocky and Bullwinkle shows, several times. I had seen the name, Walter Tetley, but there were so many male voices listed, that it was too hard, for me, to narrow down, by process of elimination, just who was Sherman.

1972 was 13 years after the first Peabody cartoons had been recorded. Without knowing more information, I had decided that, whoever voiced Sherman, was probably just a boy, back in 1959..........and could no longer do that voice, today, thanks to the wear and tear of puberty.

It was sometime, this year (or in 1973, at the latest), that I managed to find an address, for Jay Ward Productions, and actually managed to get the staff, there, to pay attention to me. One of the studio's secretaries wrote me a letter, answering many of my questions. Among other things, she told me which voice artists did the voices, of their various cartoons characters. She did acknowledge, in her letter: "I did get a little bit of help, from our co-producer, Bill Scott."

Not much had changed, at this point; I still thought that the voice of Sherman was provided by a boy (back when I was still in my cradle); only now I had a name to go with the person. It was not until December, 1973, when June Foray was the first, of Jay Ward's voice actors, to write to me, that I learned the truth of how remarkable Mr. Tetley was! June wrote: "Walter Tetley is quite an old man, but he still has the voice of a young boy........" (ironically he was only a couple years older than June, herself).

I was fascinated. I wondered just how old he was........I assumed that June was in her forties or fifties.......and there she was calling Walter "quite an old man". Was he in his sixties, seventies or even eighties, I wondered (this would have made him even older than my grandparents, back then; they were 55 and 57)??

To learn that he was not at all young, back then (older than my parents, for sure), and he could talk like someone my age.........I was overwhelmed with how unique this man was!! I was further intrigued, when June told me that he was no longer that active, anymore, professionally........and then, despite the fact that she told me this, within the next 12 months, I heard his voice, as a newspaper boy, on a brand, new Keebler commercial!

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