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Here are the promised images. Enjoy!

I included a few photos of William Conrad with his Gunsmoke cast. Like Walter Tetley, Conrad was not able to take his radio character to television. Conrad’s radio career began in 1946 with an episode of The Whistler and by the earlier 1950s, he was one of the busiest voice actors in Hollywood.

This evening I revisited he film “Gildersleeve on Broadway” and sure enough, Walter Tetley appears uncredited as a hotel bellboy. It’s a little more than a cameo as he exchanges a few good lines with Harold Peary. The voice is unmistakably Leroy. I’ll try to do a video capture for you but I must warn you that my video capture hardware is limited.

Jonathan O


That would be neat to get a clip of that!! Thanks for the photo of William Conrad too. We just recently added a small amount of info, on him, on our feature HONORABLE MENTIONS. Thanks also for the beautiful photos of Sevilla, Spain. I really loved my time over there, as a student, 20 years ago. That photo is an example of just how beautiful Sevilla’s buildings are!!

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