Walter Tetley’s Birth Year

Brian, The 1923 birth date theory is interesting, and more logical, given Tetley’s appearance in his 30’s movies. However, I still believe his real birth year was 1915. Check out the entry for Walter Tetley in the Social Security Death Index at Although a mistake could’ve been made on a death certificate, it’s not […]

The Debate, On Several Fronts, “Rages” On:

The following email is a followup, on some info recently posted on Peabody’s Pony Express. Jonathan Orovitz has pointed out to us some arguments to support an opposing view, vis á vis Walter’s age, and Fred Allen’s role in getting the young lad started, in Hollywood. Regarding specifically Walter’s age, Jonathan had already given some valid […]

Walter Tetley

Hi Brian, I want to thank you for your wonderful Walter Tetley page. You’ve helped clear up a lot of questions I’ve had about Mr. Tetley. I am very familiar with his voice, not so much as Sherman but as Leroy on The Great Gildersleeve radio program. Walter’s contribution to The Great Gildersleeve is a […]

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